Water Filters

Water Filters

Delta Water Source

Metro Vancouver water flows in from three watersheds, Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam. In Delta, we also source water from 3 Artesian wells near Watershed Park in North Delta. Our municipalities do an excellent job of keeping our water safe from diseases and contaminants. However, in order to disinfect our water, they must use chlorine to treat the water as it passes through the system. You’ll also find metals and vinyl chloride that leach into the water from the distribution pipes.

Is Chlorine bad for you?

Although a small amount of chlorine is present (approximately 0.4 to 0.7 milligram per litre), it still has potentially carcinogenic by-products. Chlorine can also produce a very unpleasant odour and taste to your water. It’s better to protect yourself by drinking dechlorinated water.

Why you need a water filter

The water coming in through your taps is full of metals and added chemicals, and it encounters undesirable gunk living in your pipes as it passes through. When you pour yourself a glass of unfiltered water, you’re also pouring all those impurities into your body. A water filter system is the best way to remove impurities from your water and make it a healthier choice for your whole family.

Carbon Filters

We love carbon water filters. They are the most practical and economic choice for most homes. They are compact, easy to use, and powerful enough to instantly filter endless amounts of water without any waste. Systems like reverse osmosis create a lot of waste, producing only 5 – 15% drinking water while the rest will be wastewater. This level of purification may be essential for some, but for most families we recommend the environmentally friendly and super functional carbon filter

Benefits of a carbon water filter:

 Removes harmful contaminants
 Fresh taste and smell
 Water clarity (no foggy water)
 Easy to use and convenient
 Saves you money on plastic water bottles

Absolute Water Filter Options

We can filter just your kitchen tap or your entire home, it depends on what level of protection you prefer.
We have two water filter system options to choose from, both Certified by NSF International.

Point of Source Filtration

A point of source filter is compact as it’s not working through large quantities of water, they are designed to fit under your kitchen sink. These filters can have multiple cartridges allowing you to choose what level of filtration you want. Choose everything from taste and odour, micron measurement, and even a pre-filter to catch the larger particles to increase the life expectancy of your filter. We can even install a filter on your showerheads to remove chlorine from you water and provide a healthier shower experience.

Use: Kitchens and bathrooms
Ideal for: Those who just want to filter their drinking water
Includes: 1 point of source filtration system, faucet, and replacement cartridges

Whole Home Filtration

A whole house filter will be bigger and will protect your entire plumbing system from unwanted contaminants. It will require some reconfiguration of your plumbing, so you do not end up washing your car or watering the lawn with filtered water. A whole house filter can filter water down to about 5 microns, which clears most particles, but we always suggest adding a point of source in specific areas of your home for enhanced filtration.

Use: The main water line entering your home (will reduce your water pressure).
Ideal for: Those who want to filter all their water, including laundry and shower.
Includes: 1 whole house water filter system, 1 point of source filtration system, and replacement cartridges.


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