Camera Inspections

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Camera Inspections

Our professional scopes send us live video feeds that provide pinpoint accuracy and clear imaging of your drains. You will clearly see the condition of your drains and if there are any lurking issues you didn't know about. This is one of the best investments you can make to properly maintain your home.

Is a Camera Inspection Necessary?

Absolutely! Without a camera inspection we are going in blind, without a clear view of what’s ahead or whether an issue has been fully resolved. If you’ve worked with us, you know that we take our drain cleaning and drain maintenance very seriously! Here are the top benefits of our camera inspections:

  •  You will see a clear and accurate view of your indoor plumbing/outdoor drainage system
  •  We will easily diagnose any issues
  •  We will easily locate and mark breaks in lines or other issues
  •  No guessing, you will know what you're dealing with from the beginning
  •  No unnecessary cutting into walls or digging

New Home Buyers

We can’t stress this enough! We have been called to dozens of homes that were recently purchased and already showing signs of major issues in the perimeter drain or interior drains. We’ve found that the new homeowners had no idea about the troubles lurking in their drains.

You are always better off knowing what you are getting into than being hit with an unpleasant surprise that will end up costing you more when it becomes an emergency. If you are buying or selling a home, especially one with large trees in the yard, we strongly recommend a camera inspection.

Recurring Issues

 Gurgling sounds in your drains that you can’t pinpoint
 Recurring clogs and blockages, despite numerous attempts at drain cleaning
 Recent renovation that has caused issues in your drainage
 If you suspect your have tree roots

Perimeter Drains

Your perimeter drains should be checked each year to ensure they are in good condition. When it comes to your drainage, it’s cool to be proactive! This is what we are looking for:

 Build up or sediment accumulating on the sides of your drains
 Breaks or cracks in your drains
 Collapsed drains
 Tree roots
 Toys and other foreign objects (yes, we’ve retrieved all kinds of crazy items)

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