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Mercury Thermostat Recycling

The Thermostat Recovery Program (TRP) is a stewardship program focused on recovering and recycling thermostats that are no longer in use across Canada. As a public drop-off location, we accept mercury-containing, electronic and mechanical thermostats.

How to drop off your mercury thermostats at Absolute Plumbing Solutions:

Our office is open by appointment only, please call or text 604.999.6627 for available drop-off hours.

  • Please safely wrap your thermostat in a paper or plastic bag
  • We do not accept loose mercury in tubes or plastic containers

We are only able to accept 2 residential thermostats per household. For larger quantities, please contact HRAI directly at 800-267-2231 or For more information about this program, please visit

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Mercury Thermostats

Back in the day, mercury thermometers were the go-to tools for measuring temperature. The basic principle was simple: mercury expanded and contracted with changes in temperature, and this movement was calibrated...

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