The Absolute Advantage

As a homeowner, you want to avoid unexpected problems and costly repairs in the future. Regular maintenance of your home's plumbing and heating systems is essential to prevent emergency issues. Investing in a membership ensures that your systems are regularly inspected and serviced by a professional, providing peace of mind and helping to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently. This can also lead to lower energy bills and long- term cost savings.

 Absolute Advantage Membership Inclusions

We take pride in our attention to detail, treating your home with utmost respect and leaving you with a tidy space. We combine technical expertise with a personal touch, making your experience heartwarming and professional from start to finish.

  • Whole Home Plumbing Safety Inspection
    • Inspect all kitchen and bathroom water connections and fixtures
    • Inspect outdoor hose bibs and PRV
    • Inspect all shut-off valves and more!
  • Annual Service for Fireplaces
  • Annual Service for Boiler, Combination Units, or Furnaces
  • Annual Service for Water Heaters
  • 5-Year Warranty on New Fixtures
  • Complimentary Main Line Camera Inspection
  • 10% Discount on Repairs
  • Priority Service
Join our Absolute Advantage Membership for only $24.99/month (plus taxes).

Our Services

  • Inspect thermostats across all zones
  • Check all zones for proper operation
  • Inspect gas supply
  • Inspect venting & combustion air
  • Inspect safety of system piping
  • Test system temperatures
  • Test system pressure
  • Inspect pump performance
  • Inspect expansion tank, relief valves, mixing valve, air separator, and dirt magnet
  • Check water quality in system
  • Visual inspection of body & housing
  • Inspect thermostat operation
  • Test proper sequence of operation
  • Inspect gas supply
  • Inspect venting & combustion air
  • Check for adequate filtration
  • Check filter size & condition
  • Inspect ductwork
  • Inspect registers & return grills
  • Inspect IAQ system performance
  • Inspect for hot & cool spots
  • Test static pressure
  • Inspect outlet temperature
  • Inspect expansion tank, vacuum breaker, relief valves
  • Inspect gas supply
  • Inspect venting & combustion air
  • Inspect recirculation system
  • Test gas pressure *
  • Test voltage & amperage **
  • Inspect elements, thermostats, and wiring **
*Gas models, **Electric models
  • Inspect gas supply
  • Inspect exhaust venting
  • Test wall switch & remote
  • Inspect gas valves
  • Test high-limits, thermopile, and thermocouples
  • Test batteries or power supply
  • Inspect for cleanliness
  • Light vacuum and glass cleaning
For a complete description of our Absolute Advantage Membership terms and conditions, please click HERE