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Expert Gas Fireplace Repairs

At Absolute Plumbing Solutions, our team is trained for excellence from start to finish. We are grateful to be recognized for providing meticulous installations and leaving behind a neat and tidy space. Everything we do is in the best interest of your home, and you can trust that our recommendations come from the heart. For this reason, we stand true to our promise of providing you a carefully executed plan that includes the highest quality parts and expert level craftsmanship.

 What gas fireplace repair services do we provide?

We take pride in our attention to detail, treating your home with utmost respect and leaving you with a tidy space. We combine technical expertise with a personal touch, making your experience heartwarming and professional from start to finish.

  • Fireplace gas leak repairs
  • Fireplace fan and blower repairs
  • Fireplace thermocouple repairs and more

All services are for gas fireplaces only. We do not supply or install fireplaces, but we are happy to refer you to companies that will take great care of you.

Fireplace Annual Maintenance

Our team is trained to provide in-depth performance and safety checks of your gas fireplace. We have extensive experience with all the common brands such as Regency, Valor, Napolean, and more. Our annual service includes a light cleaning and a complete diagnostic inspection that lets us know the condition of your unit and if there are any warning signs that require your attention.

 How do you pick a service provider?

We strongly encourage you to choose a provider that takes the time to fully assess your unit with professional diagnostic tools. A quick and cheap service most likely only provides a very basic visual that does not give you a proper report on the condition of your unit. Be sure to select a provider that is licensed by Technical Safety BC because they will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the Safety Standards Act.

 How do you know if your fireplace needs service?

Knowing when your fireplace needs service is important for safety and efficiency. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Weak or Irregular Flame: If the flame from your gas fireplace is weak, irregular, or has a yellow or orange color, it could be a sign of a problem with the gas supply, burner, or pilot light. A properly functioning gas fireplace should have a blue flame with a consistent height.
  • Delayed Ignition: If your gas fireplace takes longer than usual to ignite or if you hear a "whooshing" sound when it starts, there may be an issue with the ignition system or gas flow.
  • Unusual Odors: If you notice unusual odors when your gas fireplace is in use, such as a rotten egg smell (which could indicate a gas leak) or a burning plastic smell, it is crucial to turn off the fireplace immediately and seek professional assistance.....
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To ensure the safety and proper functioning of your gas fireplace, it is recommended to have it professionally serviced and inspected annually by a qualified technician. Regular maintenance will not only address any existing issues but also help prevent potential problems. Additionally, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and operation of your specific gas fireplace model.

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 Warning about Gas Leaks and Carbon Monoxide

If you have not had your appliance professionally inspected, you could have a gas leak and not even know it. We have seen this many times before and it is extremely dangerous. If you have any gas appliances in your home, we urge you to have them inspected annually to check for leaks and reduce your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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 Curious about Rebates?

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