New Installations & Repairs

Not sure if it's more cost effective to fix or replace your broken Plumbing? Call us for a free quote.

New Installations

We are equipped to take on any new installation, whether it's a new faucet or new plumbing throughout your entire home.
Our technicians are well trained and attentive, always working with your best interest at heart. You can rest assured that we only recommend and install quality products that we believe serve you best. Our goal is to alleviate stress and leave you with a beautiful installation you can rely on.

The Absolute Advantage

 We provide trusted brand name fixtures
 We stock high quality fittings and parts
 We offer hassle-free warranties
 We are very clean and tidy
 Upfront and accurate pricing

We are recognized for our meticulous installations and thorough clean up. You can expect each one of our technicians to set up a tidy workspace and thoroughly sanitize the area with our environmentally responsible hospital-grade cleaning solutions.
You can count on us to upgrade low-grade or low-quality parts that come with your fixtures and install durable parts that you can rely on. We take the time to consider what is best for you and your home.


 Low Profile Toilets
 Round Front and Elongated Toilets
 Bidet Bowls and Handheld Bidet Sprayers
 Tubs (including the beautiful claw foot tub)
 Shower Heads and Shower Faucets/Handles
 Sinks (including bowl and pedestal sinks)

Kitchen & Laundry

 Single and Double Compartment Sinks
 Water Filters


 Winterized Hose-Bibs
 Tubs and Showers

Whole Home

 Whole House Water Filters
 Water Heaters
 Pipe Replacements
 Leak Alarms

Plumbing Repairs

We don’t just provide quality installations, we’re also there for you when something is broken or not working as it should be. We effectively rectify any of your plumbing issues quickly so you can get back to enjoying your home.

 Leaking kitchen or bathroom sinks
 Leaking sink and shower faucets
 Jammed, broken, or leaking garburators
 Leaking or broken toilets
 Touch bathroom or kitchen faucet repairs
 Hose-Bib Repairs
 Plumbing code corrections and code upgrades
 Sewer Line Repairs
 Water Pipe/Line Repair, Rerouting, or Connection

Leak Investigation & Repairs

Our team of experts specializes in diagnosing and repairing the cause of any leak in your home, even those hidden behind walls or cabinets. If you have a leak that won’t quit, act quickly. Water damage spreads quickly and even a small leak will become more costly overtime. Water leaks often lead to mould that you may not even see or notice but it puts your family’s health directly at risk.

Many flood-related insurance claims could be prevented with proper inspection and maintenance. Call us at the first sign of a leak or if you notice any pipes in poor condition. We know leaks are stressful, but we are here to take good care of you and make the whole process easy.

 Frozen pipes
 Burst pipes
 Leaks in the wall
 Leaking in the ceiling or floor
 Pipe repairs and replacements