Drain Cleaning Experts

When it comes to clearing clogged drains in Tsawwassen and Delta, our technicians are the undisputed masters. With over 15 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of even the most complex drainage issues and the skills to solve them quickly and efficiently. We carry a variety of high-powered equipment which allows us to safely and effectively handle any drainage problem. Trust us to provide the best drain cleaning service in the business!

The Absolute Advantage

 In-depth understanding of residential and commercial spaces
 Variety of professional equipment options on-hand to tackle any situation
 Committed to cleanliness - your space will always be spotless
 Cameras provide real-time imaging of the condition of your drains
 We stay until the job is done

We take drain cleaning very seriously because a backed up drain can cause devastating damage to your property. With early detection and proper maintenance, we are able to keep our clients free from the panic and stress of clogged fixtures and backed up drains.

Sometimes drain cleaning is more involved than you may be expecting, but our goal is to provide you with long term solutions. Like many of your neighbours, you can count on us to effectively clear your drainage issues and leave you with peace of mind.

We only use top of the line professional grade drain cleaning equipment and camera scopes to diagnose and successfully remove all unwanted build up in your drains, including tree roots.

Call us for clogged toilets, backed up showers and tubs, clogged kitchen sinks, clogged laundry sinks, clogged dishwasher drains, clogged garburators, gurgling in your drains, undiagnosed recurring clogs, backed up main lines and more!

Residential Drain Cleaning

We are equipped with professional motorized augers that will successfully clear your backed up drain within any condo, apartment, townhouse, or detached home.

 Clogged toilets
 Clogged showers and bathtubs
 Clogged bathroom and laundry sinks
 Clogged kitchen and bar sinks
 Clogged dishwashers, laundry appliances, and garburators
 Clogged floor drains
 Clogged sewer lines and main lines
 Removal of tree root

Commercial Drain Cleaning

We provide effective solutions for restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, and just about any business with a drain.

 Clogged or backed up toilets
 Clogged urinals
 Clogged or backed up kitchen and washing stations
 Clogged or backed up floor drains and sewer lines
 Annual drain cleaning maintenance

Drain Cleaning FAQ's

How Do You Know If Your Drain Is Clogged?

You will know your drain is clogged because the water in your toilet, tub, or sink will drain very slowly. When it is completely blocked, water will not drain at all. You may hear gurgling sounds and even see water coming up a drain in a different room if it’s more serious.

What Causes Drain Blockages?

The most common causes are excess toilet paper and other paper products, organic matter (ex: food scraps), products like shampoo/tooth paste, and tree roots. It depends on the area; bathrooms often clog up with hair whereas kitchens are often clogged up with oil and food.

How Do You Unclog A Toilet If A Snake Doesn’t Work?

If your snake doesn’t work, this can indicate that the blockage is much further down the line and professional equipment will be required to reach and remove the clog. The toilet will need to be removed to allow for access.

Is Drano Safe?

No. Although many people have seen success with a small clog, we never recommend the use of Drano because as it sits in your drains it’s continually eating away at the blockage and everything else around it. We’ve seen toilet bowls crack, PVC pipes softened and cracked, and the glue holding pipes together dissolved. It’s not the right quick or permanent fix.

Why Do My Drains Smell?

There could be a P-Trap that is dried out. If that has been ruled out and you still smell sewer gas, it’s very likely there is a blockage in your drain of organic matter that has built up over time. The decay and bacteria emit gasses that will creep up through the pipes and out of your fixtures.