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Heating & Gas

Heating Services


Call Absolute Plumbing Solutions for furnace repair and replacements, professional air duct cleaning, ventilation problems, and heat pump repair or furnace cleaning and seasonal safety inspections. We are your complete Home Air Comfort Specialists.

Call the Heating Specialists, Absolute Plumbing Solutions today for high efficiency furnace installations that will keep you and your family in low cost, eco-friendly comfort all year!

Heating Services

  • furnace repair
  • furnace service and cleaning
  • high efficiency furnace
  • heat pumps
  • indoor air quality
  • home protection- smoke alarms, co detector, whole house surge protector
  • whole house humidifier
  • duct repair/ reroute/ modification
  • wifi / smartphone thermostats
  • thermostat service
  • filter replacement

Absolute Plumbing Solutions is dedicated to taking your stress away, especially when it comes to your heating. The heating system in your home is the most important piece of equipment you have and yet it is the most neglected. Many people are unaware of the kind of system they have, how it all works and just how critical it is to have it maintained properly.

We are here to make your life easier and help you make the right decisions for your home. Absolute is a full-service plumbing and heating company that helps keep hundreds of Delta homes warm all winter. We want to make sure that you not only have the best installation, but that you are set up for success in maintaining your investment.

What is the difference between a furnace and a boiler?

Furnaces circulate warm air throughout your home. As the air circulates through the homes ducting system and furnace it passes through the furnaces heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the air. A boiler system heats up the home by radiating heat from either a baseboard heater or a radiant floor loop.

Do I need to maintain my heating system?

Yes and the number one reason is safety. A boiler system can become very dangerous if neglected or not properly installed. Efficiency is important to protect your investment, but safety is our focus because a neglected system can put you and your home at risk. The older your system the less safety features it has to let you know when things aren’t running well or if you’re facing undetected hazards.

In addition to your heating system, safety devices such as carbon monoxide detectors are highly recommended and should be checked on a monthly basis for proper operation. We suggest having one of our trained heating technicians complete a safety inspection of your entire system. Adjustments are included with the inspection.

When should I get my furnace or boiler checked?

Every single year. If you know it’s been a while since your heating system has been inspected or if you suspect something isn’t working properly, give us a call. We are here to provide you with the best support and the most trusted installations.

What is my first step?

We start with a brief phone call to gather information and then we set up an appointment time that works for you. Our technicians are known for their thorough diagnostic assessments and attention to detail reports.
If it is a regular annual maintenance visit, we go about our business of checking filters and cleaning out the entire system. If it’s time for an upgrade, we will go over all of the options that work best for your home and book a date for installation.

We are experts of our craft and will ensure the safety and efficiency of your homes heating system. We always suggest being prepared and booking appointments before temperatures drop and stress rises. It’s cold out there, but you don’t have to be!

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