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Absolute Tips on: Sink Materials

Absolute Tips on: Sink Materials

Sometimes pluming and it’s related accessories provide some of the most definitive features in a home. We are continuing the discussion on sinks, but this time we are going through some of the common and most unique materials used to create them.

  1. Stainless Steel

Let’s kick it off with the most common material for a kitchen sink, stainless steel. It is the material of choice for three very simple reason; it’s less expensive than most other materials, it’s versatile, and it’s durable. You can find a variety of stainless steel sink designs such as undermount (which we discussed last week), top mount, and drop-in. The thickness (Gauge) of the steel will determine how it can be mounted and its price.

Stainless steel sinks may be a bit louder and have a tendency to scratch easier than other materials, but you could easily solve the issue by getting a coating added to act as a padding. It’s tough to keep stainless steel sinks flawless because water spots show after use. With regular cleaning, these sinks are a fantastic option that is inexpensive and resistant to heat. Because they are lightweight, they will suit almost any kitchen without the need for a reinforced solid countertop. They offer a beautifully sleek design that adds a modern touch to any kitchen.

  1. Cast Iron

Another popular material is cast iron, which is one of the oldest materials used. Theses sinks are made by pouring a heavy porcelain enamel finish on top of the iron, making it extremely tough. This will prevent the iron from rusting and it creates a surface that is highly resistant to stains, scratches, and fading. Compared to the stainless steel option, cast iron sinks won’t show the water spots and will be easier to keep a flawless finish. You will also find they offer a wider variety of colors, but they will cost you more,

While cast iron sinks seem great so far, they come with a heavy drawback. Cast iron sinks are very very heavy, easily weighing over 100 lbs (2-3 times more than stainless steel sinks).

The cost of the sink and installation will be more expensive, and you’ll require a solid countertop with additional supports. Overall, these are a beautiful option that have a lot of character with a bit of a vintage feel.

  1. Granite or Quartz Composite

Composite sinks are a great choice if you want the look of granite or quartz but don’t have the budget to match. They are made by combining crushed granite or quartz stone with a resin filler, but you’re still getting about 70-80% stone. It’s a great value because you’ll get the durability and beautiful presentation without the high price tag. Whether you choose granite or quartz composite, you will get a very sturdy sink that is resistant to scratching, stains, and fading. These sinks are heavier so you will require a solid countertop to ensure it will stay in place. It’s important to note that granite is meant to be more durable than quartz, making it a more popular option. Overall, these are exceptionally resilient sinks that offer as much appeal as functionality.

Each option has a variety of prices; it all depends on the brand, quality, and the design. Here are the approximate costs for a basic version of each sink type (without installation):

Stainless Steel: $200 - $300

Cast Iron: $200 - $600

Granite & Quartz Composite: $250- $500

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