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Absolute Tips on: FAQ Edition #1 (Household Plumbing Products)

Absolute Tips on: FAQ Edition #1 (Household Plumbing Products)

This is the first F.A.Q Edition! Today’s tips are all about plumbing products!

The following questions are so common, we hear them all the time and it’s very important to provide some clarification. Let’s get started!

  1. Can I use Drano to unclog my sink or toilet?

You can use Drano to unclog a pipe once or twice, but you do not want to make it a habit. Drano will be poured down and end up sitting in the pipe, creating chemical reactions until it dissolves the blockage. It will only create a small opening to allow the water to drain and it acts as more of a temporary solution with costly consequences because over time this will eat away at the pipes and glue that holds them together, which will weaken your plumbing system and put you at risk of developing cracks. A proper permanent solution is to use a power auger to clear and clean the drain line to remove all buildup and prevent this from happening again.

There are two types of blockages you can face, a soft blockage and hard blockage. With a soft blockage, sometimes waiting it out or using a simple plunger will do the trick. These kinds of blockage are usually caused from using too much toilet paper.

A hard blockage is solid and no amount of Drano will fix it. These kinds of blockages are usually a hard obstruction that will require a toilet auger or a power auger.

If you are using Drano in your toilet, you also run the risk of stripping and eating away at the fine porcelain. If you notice your toilet is not flushing everything properly, we strongly advise you check if it needs repair or replacement.

If you have used Drano a couple of times, don’t worry! You and your plumbing system are just fine but we suggest you discontinue it’s use.

If have a recurring blockage, we highly recommend having a plumber come and clear the blockage for you so that you can avoid reaching for Drano.
We see the damage caused by excessive use of Drano or similar products more often than you may think. From experience, we can assure you that it is not a long-term solution and in the end will cost you more than one of our visits.

  1. Can I use those blue/white toilet bowl cleaners?

You know the ones that look like blue pucks and sit in your toilet tank?

It’s better not to use these. In theory these products seems great because they provide a fresh smelling toilet with blue water flowing, but in reality they wear out the moving parts in your toilet. The chemicals will deteriorate the seals and rubber parts in your toilet, which will cause serious leaks. In fact, most toilet companies will void warranties if you use them. If you can find the ones that stick to the toilet bowl you are better off.

With the added chemicals of these products you will thicken the water and it will build up in your toilet tank, plug your jets, and eventually slow down it’s ability to flush.

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